My mother makes magnificent pies. They are so good that even with the scraps of extra dough, she could make something great. For us, that meant pinwheels; dough rolled out with cinnamon, sugar and butter, then rolled back up and sliced. Pinwheels became as good as the pie itself. It’s one of the first of many examples of when I fell in love with food. For me, food, friends, and family go hand in hand. That is why I love creating food for everything from everyday life to special occasions.

Pinwheel is about creating easy, healthy, delicious foods for our customers. Whether you are feeding your family on a weeknight, entertaining for a large event, a back-yard cookout or a black-tie affair, Pinwheel Catering is sure to delight your loved ones. With a wide range of menu options, I will help guide you through the selection process to create a plan fit to your personal needs.

Don’t see what you want? Call or email us and we will be happy to customize a menu based on your desires.

Plus, we offer delivery services throughout the surrounding area! Give us a shout. We’d love to help y’all out.

  • Katie Horn